Contracting services

Tree works to British Standard 3998 : 2012 'Recommendations for tree works'

Felling and sectional dismantling of trees

Including dangerous and large mature specimens.

Mature tree maintenance and pruning

Crown lifting - the removal of lower branches to "lift" the lower crown level so as to remove growth causing an obstruction or allow the improved passage of daylight beneath the tree.

Crown reduction and reshaping - pruning to reduce the height and width by a given measurement, cutting back to suitable secondary or tertiary shoots in order to reshape the crown. This approach may be required where space is limited or a tree exhibiting defects can be retained with less branch weight and wind resistance.

Crown thinning - pruning the secondary branch structure to remove a given percentage of crown density whilst retaining the outer canopy shape unaltered. This pruning assists in improving the passage of daylight through the crown.

Crown cleaning- the removal of dead wood, abrading and crossing branches, overcrowded or congested growth and epicormic shoots including basal suckers.

Formative pruning of younger trees

To remove potential defects at any early stage of development.

Orchard tree pruning and training to enhance fruit production

Amenity woodland maintenance

Tree stump removal (stump grinding)

Hedge laying and restoration

Tree planting and protection

Including hedges and trees from young transplants to extra-heavy standard sizes.

Sale of firewood and woodchips for mulching and path surfacing

Arboricultural consultancy

Hazard tree assessment and decay detection testing.

Arboricultural risk assessments and tree risk management advice.

Pre-development tree surveys/reports complying with BS 5837: 2012 'Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations'.

Arboricultural method statements.

Assistance in dealing with tree protection legislation including making applications to carry out work to protected trees.

Tree inspection and assessment for mortgage and insurance purposes.

Tree species selection and planting design specification.

Tree conservation advice including veteran tree management.

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